President Frederick W. Crook 郭志文

President Frederick W. Crook

President Frederick W. Crook 郭志文

Spouse: Elizabeth Crook

Served: 1977 – 1979 台北傳道部  Taipei Mission

            1979 - 1980 台中傳道部  Taichung Mission

President Crook's Letter to His Missionaries

Family of President Crook

Hi Taiwan Missionaries,

After many years in the East, Elizabeth and I have moved to Alpine, Utah. We are delighted to be nearer many of you!

As many of you know, I spent my career in the US Department of Agriculture traveling in rural areas of China. I was moved many times by the plight of the children in those areas. When I retired in 2000, I established a foundation--The China Rural Education Foundation (CREF)-- to help these children pay their fees. I discovered that only $40 a year will keep a child in school in these areas!

We have "adopted" two village schools in Gan Quan County, Shaanxi Province. I have traveled to visit the schools, students and parents many times. A number of returned Taiwan missionaries have also visited the schools. If you would like to help, send me an email. We need help with the website, writing letters in Chinese to students, translating letters from students to donors, studying rural educational conditions and helping with our annual fund raiser during Chinese New Years at Utath Valley University. Check out the website at

I continue to read the Book of Mormon in Chinese. I have read both the jian ti and fan ti versions. I have completed a rough draft of a glossary of terms (character compounds that some returned missionaries might not be familiar with). Hopefully at some point in time the glossary will be of some help.

President Frederick W. Crook